Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jackson in Portland

This is a picture of little baby Jackson in Portland. He is still awaiting his procedure/surgery. He is stable and seems to be doing okay. Unfortunately it had been rescheduled again until tomorrow afternoon. We're bummed out about the wait, but nothing we can do but wait it out.

Brian and baby Jackson in his isolette here in Portland. The procedure/surgery could take 4-5 hours once they begin it. His tentative time is 2:00 p.m. tomorrow June 11th.

He is such a sweet little boy.

Keep him in your prayers. We are worried about him.


Jessica Dunlap said...

Hey there Dan, Tam, Brian, and Krista - Thanks for the updates on the babies. We've been keeping them in our thoughts and prayers. They sure are precious. We love you all so much.

Jennifer said...

oh he is adorable. I understand how you guys feel. We are still praying for the boys, everything will be fine.

Mike said...

Thanks for the pictures and update. We are praying for both boys!