Thursday, June 10, 2010

Connor the twin in Boise

I'm in the waiting room in Portland and waiting for Brian and Tammy to give an update on Jackson's status. Meanwhile I found this great wifi hotspot and had some pictures of Connor to post. Isn't this cute?

I will post pictures of Jackson shortly. He hasn't had his surgery yet and we are still waiting on when that will happen. In the meantime he seems to be doing well.

I hope you enjoy these pictures of Connor.
This is Connor. Even though you can't see his face I thought it showed his cute little body and give a perspective of the isolette he is in.
We stopped by St. Al's in Boise on our way to Portland to see Connor. Here are a couple of pictures of Tammy holding him. He is so cute. Krista was at the motel sleeping so we didn't get to see her. He seems to be doing well and is so cute.
Here is a couple shot of a proud Grandma holding her grand baby Conner. He was eating well. Notice the cute little hat he has on. Angela made one for both Connor and Jackson.

Through the window of the isolette.


Melanie said...

Hehe, I love the one of Connor chillin' in his isolette! He just looks adorable. I love all his hair. Thanks for the pics Dan.

Mike said...

Boy we're going to have a lot of boy's in the family. We are so excited to meet them one day!