Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Twins Get Blessed Cont.

Check out Connor's smile in this pose. He is saying, "I like your shoulder bro". Jackson is saying, "get em off me mommy". . . .Funny and cute.

Finally we can get some sleep....these people are really something else...who do they think we are?

Oh no, they're sitting us up again. Can't they tell we are asleep? Come on guys, give us a break. We're tired....Sacrament meeting wore us out.

Jackson then says, "I'm really surprised my grandpa didn't change my name to Jackson Daniel Hobbs. I really wanted to be nicknamed Jack Daniels."

Proud Grandparents. Tammy is holding Jackson and I am holding Connor.

Group shot...Ben really didn't want to do this, but look how cute it turned out.

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jenni the artist said...

that top pic in this group is my favorite. it is like you can see their little personalities starting to come out. thanks for posting the pictures Dad.