Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Going on a Bear Hunt

Benji asking me to---
Do an "under dog" Grandpa.
Tyler looking groovy in his mom's hat.

I've spent a lot of time hangin out with Angie and the kids in the park. I've grown to VERY MUCH APPRECIATE and Love Lunch in the Park.

Where do you think the bear is hiding, Just looking for his cave.

My little trooper Jason kinda worried about finding a BEAR.

Thanks Angie for taking me. I love you a lot.

Madi posing for me on a ledge. Isn't she cute?
I hiked with Madi and Tyler to the top of the ridge and found a pretty convincing bear cave. Just going through the forest looking for a BIG one. We weren't scared.

Hanging out at the park with Madi, Jason, Benji, and Tyler. "Going on a Bear Hunt" and "Trying to Catch a Big One".

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